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Global Jobs group is a carefully curated product that originated on long-standing foundation of knowing founders, project partners, friends and business partners in our country and the region, who with their work and experience in their own fields, in joint ventures and other large companies put their knowledge, experience and acquaintances towards creating new disruptive values and standards in Global Jobs; a company that builds win-win situations for both an employer and an employee
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The entire management, team and partners have been working for 10+ years at highest levels requiring immense qualifications, skills, continuous education, talent and a winning spirit. People behind this project have gone through every work process over the years to be able to manage, lead and innovate in this industry. After a thorough preparation and testing the market we are positive that if You decide to give us a chance we can meet Your needs and find you a perfect opportunity and a dream job. We offer finding, selection, recruitment, and in large projects, education of people from different fields such as: IT sector, medicine, hotel management, catering, construction and sales.

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